Our Values

At Infinity Capital, 6 core values represent our core beliefs system. Honesty At Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd we are truthful with reality or facts; treat all stakeholders the way we would want to be treated;

keep our promises at all times and where we would not be able to keep our promises we are honest about it and inform stakeholders before the agreed time;

take responsibility for the consequences of being honest and are sincere, frank and open in all our dealings. Reliability At Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd we can consistently be relied upon to deliver tasks assigned to us effectively and efficiently and to deliver on our promise.

Discipline At Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd we exercise restraint in all that we do. We therefore do not rush in judgement based on emotions or sentiments , rather we make objective decisions based on facts (reality). Hard work At Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd we believe in putting in extra efforts in executing and completing assigned tasks. Hard work at Infinity Capital means exploring new ways to effectively and efficiently complete assigned tasks, staying competitive at all times and satisfying the needs of all our stakeholders. We work hard because we believe in excelling in our chosen professions and in all our dealings.

Customer Focus At Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd we acknowledge that we in business because of our customers. We therefore place the needs of customers above every endeavour we undertake and always strive to meet and exceed their needs. We also build long-term relationship with our customers and act in the best interest of customers. We do this by: offering exceptional products and services, being helpful, polite and resolving customers concerns. Speed At Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd we meet the needs of customers on time by providing timely products and services ,quickly resolving customers concerns and completing our assigned tasks without compromising on quality.